Mexico continues to be one of the most popular destinations for American tourists. From the sands of its many resorts on the Caribbean and the Pacific, to the cultural bonanza of its cities and states in the interior, Mexico has much to offer the traveler. The crime situation in several […]

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Banff National Park | treisdorfphoto/Shutterstock Canada’s reputation as a maple-scented land of sorrys has never done it justice. The world’s second-largest country may not boast the geographical diversity of the United States, but it lacks none of the majesty. The Rockies get only more spectacular north of the 49th parallel; […]

Most Beautiful Places in Canada You Need to Visit

Halloween is perfect time to raise the dead. While you can creep yourself out at hundreds of manufactured haunted houses, why not go for the real deal.  These truly scary locations are steeped in history while all are home to legendary tales and infamous spirits. But adventurers beware. From a […]

Top scariest places in the America